Putting the SADSVILLE book into the hands of those that need it.

The NSPCC say that younger children don’t know about how to help themselves if they are in a difficult situation. They may be feeling terrible unhappy or worse still, suffering abuse or neglect and yet don’t have the knowledge of organisations and charities that may be able to help them.

This is why the Martin Roberts Foundation is so committed to distributing Sadsville to this age group as it not only illustrates the point that problems CAN be solved but also highlights a number of organisations that can help.

In support of

What the NSPCC say...


Peter Wanless, CEO NSPCC

"The SADSVILLE book project will help support the work of the NSPCC to protect children today and prevent abuse from happening tomorrow...

SADSVILLE introduces children to problem solving and explains that you can be sad for a number of different reasons and encourages them to have the confidence to seek help.


The number and website for the Childline support services offers a call to action at the end of the book and provides children with a lifeline when needed the most. In the most extreme of cases, this lifeline saves lives. By distributing SADSVILLE widely, we put this message into the hands of children who may not otherwise have known who to turn to for help, and although it is impossible to monitor how children come to hear about Childline, the number of additional children using the service as a direct result of this initiative could be highly significant."

"Thank you for creating this highly entertaining and original way of raising children’s awareness of how they can reach out for help through support services such as Childline. I wish the Sadsville book project every success.”

Dame Esther Rantzen, DBE  & Founder of Childline

Watch Martin explain what its all about...


Over 30,000 FREE Sadsville Books already given out!

The Martin Roberts Foundation would like to repeat the success created locally!


Through National sponsorship and donations, we aim to raise enough money to enable a copy of SADSVILLE to go to EVERY year 4 child (age 8/9) across the country. Thats approximately 770,000 books! And to put this into pounds and pence, we calculate that we have a fundraising target of around £330,000.


 The national version of the SADSVILLE book, will also serve as a DIRECTORY for other charities and organisations that are aimed at helping young people.  Listing their details in the SADSVILLE book will make it easy for children and their parents to see that these channels exist and how to make contact with them.


5000 BOOKS


6500 BOOKS

22,000 BOOKS

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What a Headteacher says...

What did the kids say...

 "Do you think SADSVILLE will help you if you feel sad?"

"...Yes...because it tells you what to do if you're sad"


"When I am older I can 

think about the story and what Herman did."


"...Yes.. If you feel sad its OK to cry and share your feelings."


"When I am sad it may help if I talk to someone else."


"It teaches people a lesson to call for help not to do it on your own."

George, Bishop Henderson 

Primary School

"...because there will be a person that will cheer me up."



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