Coronavirus COVID-19 Lockdown

Whilst schools closed due to Coronavirus, children all over the country were asked to stay at home. This means that thousands of children were not been able to see some other members of their family, their friends, teachers and other children who they would normally play with.

This may have made children feel different...

The Home School Workbook along with the video of Basil Bursh reading SADSVILLE may help children to understand how they are feeling now and in the future and what they can do to help themselves. 

Home Schooling Video & Workbook

We have created the Basil Brush video and the accompanying Home Schooling Workbook to provide resources which children can use at school or at home. The video is available on YouTube, but also on Vimeo where it can be viewed, downloaded or embedded and the codes are below.

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A fun and educational workbook to use in conjunction with the video of Basil Brush reading SADSVILLE.

Teacher's Resources for Use in School

Below, you will find a variety of resources for use in schools when things are back to normal. These include a Lesson Plan and suggested Assembly.

Below, Martin explains more.

Free Resources to Download

Screen Shot 2019-04-29 at 15.03.00.png

Parent's Guide

Sadsville Lesson My Circle of

My Circle of Support Worksheet

Sadsville Lesson Tips for Well Being.jpg

Tips for Well-Being Poster

Feedback Questionnaire for Teachers

Screen Shot 2019-06-04 at 10.31.11.png

PRE Sadsville Questionnaire for Teachers

Whole School Assembly or Year 4 Lesson Slides

Sadsville Lesson How to be a Good Listen

How to be a Good Listener Worksheet

Sadsville Year 4 Lesson Plan Feb19 v3-1.

Year 4

Lesson Plan

Template Letter

Screen Shot 2019-06-04 at 10.32.59.png

PRE Sadsville Questionnaire for Children

Sadsville Lesson Bag of Worries.jpg

Bag of Worries Worksheet

Sadsville Lesson If I'm Feeling Sad.jpg

If I'm Feeling Sad Worksheet

Feedback Questionnaire For Children

Template letter


Measuring the Impact of Sadsville

To complete a short on-line questionnaire about your schools mental health teaching and children's perception of NSPCC and Childline BEFORE ' Sadsville' is introduced, click here :

To access a short on-line questionnaire for children to complete BEFORE 'Sadsville' is introduced, please click here:

We'd love your feedback!

To complete a short on-line questionnaire about how Sadsville was introduced in your school, please click here:

To access a short on-line questionnaire for children to complete about Sadsville, please click here:

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