Help children understand emotions through the delightful story of SADSVILLE. When Herman, the Hero of The Villes children's books visits SADSVILLE, everyone seems to be crying, but why? 


Children love to try and guess the reason before it is revealed in the story - and the reason may not be what you suspect!


This book is part of the wider SADSVILLE Campaign of The Martin Roberts Foundation to gently introduce primary aged children to the idea of talking about their emotions and understanding that it is OK to be sad at times. If offers a self help guide for times of sadness and directs children to the NSPCC Childline service.


Also including in every purchase is a FREE Assembly pack including printed lesson / assembly plan and worksheets for the children to complete to promote discussion about feelings and emotions alongside the book itself.


  • “As the father of two young children, aged 9 and 12, I’m fully aware of the obligation we have as parents to give our offspring the best possible start in life. And most of us do.

    However, not all children are lucky enough to enjoy the kind of childhood that my and hopefully your children will experience. And it is for these children that I've created the Martin Roberts Foundation. Its goal is to support educational and safeguarding initiatives for children and young people at a time when childhood poverty and mental stress is becoming more and more prevalent.

    I have been a lifelong supporter of the NSPCC. As a boy, my mother was an area collector and I have fond memories of knocking on doors collecting the small boxes filled with coins. I met my wife doing a fundraising climb of Mount Kilimanjaro for the NSPCC and have compeered several fundraising evenings and auctions.”

    “But I wanted to do more and that's why I wrote a special book 'SADSVILLE', part of my children's book series; “The Villes", especially for the NSPCC and to promote their Childline service.”

    “We live in times when mental health and wellbeing are just making their way onto the national agenda and spoken about openly, yet there is a lot of work to be done to raise awareness of these issues. We know that giving children the right tools for their journey into adulthood will set them on course to live happy, healthy and fulfilled lives. Developing self confidence, resilience, determination, communication skills and self esteem amongst the youngest members of our society, are just as important as teaching the three Rs.

    The Villes are fully illustrated books aimed at children aged 6-9 years. In each “Ville”, something is going wrong - in Tiredsville everyone is tired all the time; in Coldsville, everyone is always cold; in ‘Hotsville’…you’ve guessed it, everyone is perpetually hot…and so on.

  • Books will be shipped in boxes of 36 for a flat rate fee.