Endorsements & Testimonials


Professor in Psychology & Affective Neuroscience, Professor Elaine Fox

...the Professor 

“Depression is maintained, and perhaps even caused, by deeply entrenched negative thinking. Negative thoughts about themselves, the world around them, and the future can capture a child’s mind and drag them into a downward spiral. SADSVILLE helps to break this toxic cycle by getting kids to think about sadness in a unique way, providing them with a platform to challenge the negative gremlins inside their heads and to realise that the gremlins are just that - gremlins- and not a true reflection of reality”

Through the medium of a story book, Sadsville helps children to challenge the way they are thinking and tackle negativity themselves. It encourages children to visualise ‘sadness’ as something that can be overcome - and by taking a step back from their situation, view their reality in a different way.


John Cameron round 300x300.png

...the Head of Childline 

Head of Childline,

John Cameron

“Mental health issues can affect any child at any age regardless of their background, gender or race. In 2017/18 Childline delivered 106,037 counselling sessions to young people experiencing problems with their mental and emotional health and wellbeing - a 5% increase on the previous year. 

It is important children and young people talk to someone so they can get the right help and support at the earliest opportunity.

Highlighting Childline in the SADSVILLE book makes children and young people aware that they don’t have to suffer in silence and that help is available any time, night or day, as specially trained counsellors are available on the phone or online 24/7, 365 days a year.”

...the NSPCC 

Peter Wanless, CEO NSPCC

“The Sadsville book project will help support the work of the NSPCC to 

protect children today and prevent abuse from  happening tomorrow... 

SADSVILLE introduces children to problem solving and explains that you 

can be sad for a number of different reasons and encourages them to have

 the confidence to seek help. 


The number and website for the Childline support services offers a call to 

action at the end of the book and provides children with a lifeline when 

needed the most. In the most extreme of cases, this lifeline saves lives. By 

distributing SADSVILLE widely, we put this message in to the hands of 

children who may not otherwise have known who to turn to for help, and 

although it is impossible to monitor how children come to hear about 

Childline, the number of additional children using the service as a direct 

result of this initiative could be highly significant."


Endorsements & Testimonials

I think that Sadsville is an excellent book. What impressed me so much was the quality of the story and the characterisation It really draws you in and you  want to know what happens in the end. I like the fact that the support is offered in a way that does not inhibit the enjoyment of the story but at the same time it allows children to access the appropriate support that they may need. A very genuine piece of writing.

Sarah Salmon, Head Knowle West

 Children's Centre

"Now they know Herman, I think the children will be motivated to  follow his adventures. It would be good to read the 'problems' and ask children to write their own solutions before completing the book"

Head Teacher, St Margarets CofE

 Primary School

"Yes because it's OK to ask for help if you're a bit sad or miserable."

"Do you think Sadsville will help you if you feel sad?"

"...Yes...because it tells you what to do if you're sad"


"When I am older I can 

think about the story and what Herman did."


"...Yes.. If you feel sad its OK to cry and share your feelings."


"When I am sad it may help if I talk to someone else."


"It teaches people a lesson to call for help not to do it on your own."

George, Bishop Henderson 

Primary School

"...because there will be a person that will cheer me up."