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So, this is the thing. I have reached the stage in my life where I start to question the things that really matter to me and my family. Why have I been doing what I do for all these years and what does it all mean?

And what I have come to realise is that all the houses I have seen sold, auctioned, renovated, all the holidays I have reviewed, all the caravans I have tested, all the books I have written; at the end of the day these are just a vehicle for a more important aspiration, the potential for a happy home and happy life. This is for me, and I hope most of us, the ultimate measure of success.

And I certainly know that the key to our happy home is our children. It turns out to be a simple fact of life, if they are happy we are happy, and if they are sad, well everything else in our lives just stops, it just doesn’t bare thinking about.

But unfortunately it is a real issue that we do have to think about because the number of children experiencing sadness and mental health problems is on the rise and it seems to be hitting them even younger. Its heart breaking and takes me right back to being 10 years old again, being bullied myself, feeling confused, frightened and sad and seeing how this broke my parents hearts.

The sad truth is, In the words of Sarah Payne, you are only as happy as your

unhappiest child.

And Its simply not right, childhood should be as fun and happy as possible.

There is no golden bullet to ensure this but there are things we can do to help equip our children to deal with problems and sadness that might come their way. And it is for this reason we have created our Foundation. To help equip children for the path ahead. Help them problem solve with confidence and empower them to tackle sadness head on, protect their childhood and prepare them for a happier, future that they all deserve.

And we have a fantastic tool to help. It’s quite old school and simple but its fun and engaging, and it is working for the children that have received it already …so all we need to do now is give it to as many children as possible!

What’s in it for me? Well as I said, I am privileged to be able to think about finding my meaning. Life is about the pursuit of meaning, and it is that meaning that can bring happiness! If I can be in anyway associated with a childhood protection brand that is helping children to have happier lives then that is enough for me and my family!

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